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But he is a career oriented person and focus only in his profession. Not much interested in marriage. Thinking that is it a real need to get married. He states that he is not able to find time for himself. He seems to be not much interested in marriage. His present want is to establish in musical field before entering in to relationships. He wants to get out of all burdens and responsibilities should taste and feel the love before tying knot with any girl. Leeteuk often goes to the gym to have a workout. Thanks to his stoic strength trainings, he becomes remarkably muscular, which captivates a lot of fans of Super Junior.

Unfortunately, I have never met yet, but I wish I could enjoy workouts with my girlfriend in the gym someday.

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Also, he loves to date with peaceful and aesthetic environment. He used to date but it will break up naturally without any serious reasons. He says in an interview that he has not yet asked phone number from any girl. He love to date but not much interested to do so.

Devil (Super Junior album) - Wikipedia

They always support him with their full power. Also, during his serving in the military, they kept waiting for him while sending him a lot of bromides of Tae Yon. After releasing from the military, he often expresses his appreciation for his fan on his SNS site, which impresses them so much. In he starred in rainbow romance by the same network. Mnet network gave him the opportunity to enact in in super junior mini drama in KBS network enhanced his acting opportunity by giving him chances to act in dream high, the women of our home and salamander guru and the shadows in and Introduction Leeteuk Real name: She is one of the trainee in the SM Entertainment.

This pictures was taken in Once said that Stella became trainee was because Si Woon. The relationship was over after a month. HAHA your username is explanatory! My baby Donghae and Jessica???! I actually saw this before. Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon going out is highly unbelievable.

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But I do know, he and she are very close. Can you not bring innocent idols in and taint their image?

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When has Yoochun ever dated Jessica? You should also get your facts straight. Try searching it up. He had nice light brown hair.. I just know they were together a lot during trainee years.. Why Yesung have girlfriend? But i think this relation are closed , no? This is old news actually. He and jessica are like good friends and he ever like her before but never together.

Bout Donghae and Jessica…. Damn it,Oppa is 5 years older than me.. Jessica looks ugly in the picture. How would Donghae likes her. She must have did a lot to her face to look like what she is now. BTW, Yesung and his ex, looks cute…. First time hearing Eunhyuk used to date hyoyeon is shocking me! I swear i will do something that is bad to SNSD! Kyuhyun oppa juga pny mantan pacar… cantik..

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He already had one. When they were still in high school. Even they had kisses. I hope oppas will find out their love soon.. They are not real but only look-alikes. Eunhyuk girlfriend is not jessica , they are liking sister and brother. Let me make my own list, from what i heard and saw. Who has ex GF and still single: Ex is past, who care what they are.

Hi my name is yuri ilove super junior and iam crazy about leeteuk and i wish i can talk with them ….. Why not Yoona of Snsd?? Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon had a relationship?? It really is a small world.. Lol please this post is so bullshit. And anyw Jessica took a lot of photos with suju members and dbsk members, does that mean she has dated all of them before? She is just a slut who likes to throw herself onto any walking male. Kyuhyun dont have GF yet and heechul too?? I hope they dont have any hehehe this maybe selfish but who cares I want them for myself!!!

She so cute, who is she?

Super Junior

Thanks for another informative website. The place else may just I am getting that type of information written in such an ideal means? Look behind them, there was a recorder studio. And Sungmin also already said that yesung never had a girlfriend and any experience at the Star Bell Show. Search it on youtube. Holy Mother of Earth!! Now ,sungmin have girlfriend.

Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. As for Donghae Hyung and Jessica, I would not be surprised if they did became an item or if they are still, secretly. Ladies, SuJu have their own lives. Remember lovelies, they are still human like us. Being an idol sometimes restricts their freedom in life.

We all deserve freedom, we all deserve happiness. ELFs, why not be happy for them if you truly like SuJu? The guys have their own lives as well. Every guy in SuJu has his own type. Give them their own private spaces. It sadden me because as a SuJu fan, I always think of giving the guys their own private spaces esp.